CFA ALERT: Scammers Trying To Take Advantage Of Planned Parenthood Shooting

Scammers in southern Colorado have reached a new low, using the tragedy Friday at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood for their own gain.

Several people reached out to 11 News Call For Action investigator Betty Sexton and reported receiving phone calls asking for donations to the victims of Friday's shooting.

The moment word got out Friday that people had been hurt and killed, 11 News received several inquiries from viewers wondering where they could donate. Unfortunately, crooks know how willing people are to open their wallets, and are eager to capitalize on that.

Legitimate memorial funds have been set up for the three victims killed: UCCS police Officer Garrett Swasey, former Army Spc. Ke'arre Stewart and Jennifer Markovsky. We have links for each available at the side of this page, or underneath this article if you are viewing this on a mobile site. No one behind these funds will be soliciting through phone calls.

Sexton says there may be more scammers coming out of the woodwork in the coming days, as is common after any kind of disaster or major crime that grabs headlines. They'll often use a name that sounds like a well-known charity. But beware.

This is a generous community and one that always answers the call for help. Just make sure your donation is going to the right place and not in a crook's wallet.