Bullet Goes Through Bedroom Wall

Credit: Colorado Springs Police

A bullet goes through a man's bedroom wall and just misses his girlfriend's head. Ryan Nygren told 11 News about his close call.

It happened at an apartment complex near Academy and Austin Bluffs in Colorado Springs.

“She was laying right here [points] when it went through here [gestures to a hole a few inches from pillow] and through this door and into wall in there," Ryan Nygren said, describing the path the bullet took. It went through the bedroom wall and into his closet.

The frightening incident happened around 2 a.m. Friday.

"We were watching TV and heard a loud pop. There was dust in front of the TV, so I got up and turned on the lights." That's when he saw a bullet hole less than two feet away from his girlfriend's head.

"It was scary, definitely scary," says Nygren.

Nygren says police told him his apartment neighbor was cleaning his gun when it went off.

“I'm happy she didn't get hit."

Nygren says now, he plans on moving his bed from this wall.

We stopped by the suspect's apartment tonight. No one answered the door.

The suspect, Aleksey Kolyushin, is now facing charges including of illegal discharge of a firearm and reckless endangerment. A mug shot of him was not available. We looked into his criminal past; this is the first time he's been in serious trouble with the law.