Brave Officer Rushes Toward Danger

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11 News has a very powerful video that appears to show a brave police officer in the final moments of his life.

The video obtained only by 11 News was taken from a clinic near the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs.

It's impossible to know for sure, but a friend of Officer Garrett Swasey told 11 News he believes it's him in the video. Swasey was one of three people killed in Friday's shooting rampage.

We know this can be hard, and we want viewers to know Officer Swasey's family was aware of Sunday’s story; they saw the video before it aired, and they were okay with it.

In the video, it shows Swasey walk toward danger with tremendous courage.

It was taken by Rick Gonzales.

He was one of the hundreds of citizens trapped in place when a gunman opened fire Friday outside the Planned Parenthood.

As officers from all over the region rushed in to help, we now have a closer look at what those officers were up against.

Gonzales works at the Center at Centennial and was just coming back from a break. He said it was a very chaotic scene.

"I noticed there was a person laying on the ground next to the car, and I got out to go see if I could assist, and there was another lady there, crouching down and she said, ‘You better get back in your car, there's a shooter across the street,’" Gonzales recalled.

As Gonzales continued to roll, you can see an officer ducking behind his squad car. It appears from dispatch recordings that the officer is calling for someone to come help.

"He's behind his vehicle, we need to get somebody to the north of that building (Planned Parenthood) to make sure he doesn't come around us."

"Copy. Headed that way.”

In the video, you can see Swasey headed directly toward the north side of the building as other officers are under fire.

Swasey courageously walks toward the side of Planned Parenthood the shooter was on, and that's the last you see of him.

Later, Gonzales said smoke followed loud pops and he watched from windows as the SWAT team went around the corner.

Three hours after the SWAT video was taken, the horrific attack came to an end when the suspect surrendered to police.

Tragically, it was only after the shooter had taken the lives of two innocent civilians and one brave police officer.

Gonzales, like so many other witnesses we've talked to, wanted to thank all law enforcement and first responders for their actions that day.