Body Found Inside RV After Fire

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While sifting through the charred remains of a RV Thursday morning, the owner stumbled on a body.

Authorities tell 11 News that it appeared to be a routine fire when firefighters responded to the corner of 10th and Court Street Thursday. The owner of the motor home smelled smoke around 4:30 a.m., came outside, saw the fire, and called the Pueblo Fire Department. The fire eventually engulfed the entire RV before crews could put it out.

But a few hours after firefighters left, while the homeowner was looking through the damage, he found a body underneath the debris.

Police are investigating the fire as a possible arson, but say they do not suspect foul play in the death. They speculate the deceased may be a homeless person who was trying to find a warm place for the night. They are now questioning area shelters to see if any regulars failed to show up Thursday morning.

The owner of the RV told 11 News he had kept it parked in the same spot for a long time prior to the fire but he and his wife just finished fixing it up. They planned to get insurance for it on Monday and take it camping sometime in the upcoming weeks.

The owner was visibly upset about the RV but much more upset over the loss of what could have been a man just looking for shelter for the night.

"You can replace the RV, you can't replace the man," he said.

Even though all of their camping gear was also lost in the fire, he says this won't stop them from camping any time soon.