Beware of Calls for a Free Medical Alert System

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These days a lot of folks are worried about their parents and grandparents who have health problems.

That's why personal emergency response systems are so popular. They connect seniors to a 24-hour call center when they push a button. The transmitter can be worn in a necklace or wristband.

But beware. Crooks are making robo calls. They're offering a "free system" that comes with a not-free 30-dollar monthly maintenance fee.

The calls claim the product is endorsed by the American Heart Association, but it isn't.

The crooks are also using the name, American Senior Benefits, which is the name of a legitimate insurance marketing company in Overland Park, Kansas.

The two are not connected at all.

Here's the bottom line. Never give your personal information to a salesperson unless you initiated the call.

If you'd like our help checking out an offer, just make a Call for Action.

We talked to the legitimate company with the copyright name of American Senior Benefits.

A spokesperson says the Federal Trade Commission is investigating. It believes the calls are coming from outside the United States. So far the company has heard from people in ten different states.

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