Attentive Neighbor Stops Burglary

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Colorado Springs police say an attentive neighbor caught a crook red-handed. Chris Willner knew his neighbors were out of town and when he saw three strangers walking in front of their door, he knew something wasn't right.

It happened on Christmas Eve on the southeast side of Colorado Springs near Power and Astrozon.

Willner approached them. “I said, what were you doing inside this house?” he told 11 News.

He crossed the street where two of them were sitting in a car with the engine running. Willner said the two men got out when he told them to, but they ran when he pulled the keys from the ignition.

Willner ultimately caught Klarissa Watson, 19 and held her until police got there. The other two suspects got away.

Police say the suspects allegedly broke into his neighbor’s home through the back door. It appears they planned to drive off in Willner's neighbor's car using some keys they found inside. The homeowner did not want to go on camera but was very grateful for Willner's actions.

Although there is no established neighborhood watch on the street, everyone that lives there is paying more attention and watching out for suspicious activity.

"It makes you look at things a little differently,” Willner said. “Now I walk out of my house prepared for anything out of the ordinary.”

Willner was armed with a handgun but he never pointed it at or fired at the suspects.

Investigators are still looking for the other two suspects. If you know anything about the crime, you are asked to call CRIMESTOPPERS at 719-634-STOP. You do not have to give your name.