Soldier Sentenced To Life For Slaying At Fort Carson

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An Army sergeant has been sentenced to life in prison with the chance of parole after 20 years. Sgt. Vincinte Jackson will also be dishonorably discharged for killing 28-year-old Spc. Brandy Fonteneaux.

A panel of eight soldiers decided Jackson's sentence Thursday night.

“I think that the justice system on the military installation today actually gave honor back to the uniform that he took away,” said Fonteneaux’s sister, Lore Malloy.

He apologized to her family and admitted to the killing at Fort Carson in Colorado.

A weeping Jackson took the stand Thursday hours after the military panel convicted him of unpremeditated murder in the stabbing and choking Fonteneaux. Jackson said he doesn't know why it happened and said he took full responsibility for his actions.

His testimony came at the end of an emotional sentencing hearing that included statements from both Jackson's and Fontenaux's families. Jackson's family had no comment for 11 News.

Fonteneaux was found dead in her barracks room on Jan. 8. She was stabbed 74 times.

Prior to the sentencing deliberations Jackson's defense pleaded to the military panel to consider a sentence of 28 years. That was how old Fonteneaux was when she died. Jackson's defense also maintained he was "overcome with something horrible," the night of Fonteneaux's death and will be haunted by the events forever.

The panel deliberated for about 30 minutes before delivering Jackson's sentence.

“I’m relieved because he is getting what he deserves,” said Fonteneaux’s mother Verona. “Brandy can rest now.”