Armed Homeowner Scares Teens Trying To Steal Entire Safe

A homeowner returned home to discover three teenagers trying to move an entire gun safe. Police say the homeowner was armed and fired two shots into the front lawn when the suspects ran away.

According to Colorado Springs police, the three teenage males were inside when the homeowner returned to the 4500 block of Harwood Road. They ran out the front door when the homeowner opened the garage door.

Because of the three fleeing suspects and the homeowner having fired shots into the ground, Sierra High School, Giberson and Panorama middle schools and Bricker Elementary School were briefly locked down.

Police say witnesses describe the suspects as one white male and two light skinned black males in their late teens. When they ran, they left behind a white Jetta that was running in front of the house.

That vehicle was determined to be stolen and connected to other cases, including burglary from a motor vehicle and trespassing.