Affidavit Reveals New Details About 5-Year-Old's Murder

Credit: CSPD

Stuffed animals are piled outside the apartment complex where a 5-year-old was murdered last week.

The boy's mother, 42-year-old Shannon Dodson, is accused of killing him. She has been charged with first-degree murder.

Jude Murray-Gomez's lifeless body was pulled from his home at the Hill Park Apartments after a fire started on November 8.

But an autopsy revealed the child's death was not related to the fire--the cause of death was drowning.

According to Dodson's arrest affidavit, when firefighters arrived on scene on the morning of Nov. 8, smoke was pouring out of Apt. 203. Firefighters determined the fire was contained to one bedroom, and found a smoldering mattress there. When they tossed it out, they saw a child's arm draped over the box springs. Jude was wrapped in a blanket, lying between the bed and the wall. The blanket was also smoldering.

A firefighter started performing chest compressions on the little boy, and said that water began coming out his mouth.

The arrest affidavit says firefighters noticed a bath tub full of water, and found Dodson in a closet. The affidavit goes on to describe Dodson's appearance and demeanor:

Colorado Springs firefighter Lt. Jose Garcia located suspect Shannon Dodson in the hall closet...and stated she was naked, wet, and was sitting up with her hands wrapped around her knees. He said her eyes were closed and when asked, she would not open her eyes and did not respond to Lt. Garcia.

Dodson was taken to Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Two detectives went to speak with her. One of the detectives describes her conversation with Dodson in the affidavit:

I...asked her if she knew why I was there to speak with her. Ms. Dodson became emotion [sic] and said that she did. I asked her why she thought we wanted to talk with her and she said, "Because I killed my son."

Under Miranda, Ms. Dodson gave no further details of this incident, started to cry, and said that she shouldn't have done it and didn't know why she did it. Ms. Dodson also said she thought they would go together...that she couldn't believe she did it.

According to the arrest affidavit, one of Dodson's adult daughters told police that during a conversation four days before the fire, her mother said she wanted to kill Jude and then herself. Her daughter said she spoke with her mother further about it, and her mother told her she wouldn't do it.

Jude's family told 11 News that Dodson didn't have full custody of the boy, but was allowed to see him on the weekend.

Records indicate this is the first time Dodson has been in trouble with the law in Colorado.

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