Colorado Springs Mayoral Candidates Meet For Debate

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For the first time, all six candidates for mayor of Colorado Springs went head to head. 11 News anchor Don Ward moderated this first debate.

Mary Lou Makepeace, Amy Lathen, Hohn Suthers, Joel Miller, Tony Carpenter and Lawrence Martinez are the six candidates running for mayor.

"My candidacy is a simple one, it's a candidacy of limited government and refocusing local government on the core roles of government," candidate Joel Miller said.

"I think the number one problem we have in this city is everybody talks about leadership; I’ll lead when I have to," candidate Tony Carpenter said.

"Seven and a half percent tax increase is what we've had, we need to kick that up to at least 11 percent or 12 percent to start fixing everything we need to fix," candidate Lawrence Martinez said.

All of the candidates stressed upgrading infrastructure and improving communication between city leaders.

"I’ve been increasingly disturbed by what’s happening in our community and in many cases what's not happening," candidate Mary Lou Makepeace said.

"There are very specific things that we need to do to focus on business," candidate Amy Lathen said.

"Over the last four years the political environment at City Hall has simply not been conducive to economic development and community development," candidate John Suthers said.

We had a poll on our website during the day of the debate asking, “If the race was today, who would you pick?” At the time of the debate Thursday evening, Suthers led the results with almost 42 percent, followed by Mary Lou Makepeace at 35 percent. The gap narrowed slightly between the two candidates Friday morning, with Suthers leading Makepeace 39 percent to 33 percent.

One thousand, three hundred and thirty-seven people responded to the poll.