Air Force Academy Comments On Secretive Program

The Air Force Academy is responding to a local newspaper article about a secretive Air Force program.

The Academy says the program is an Air Force Office of Special Investigations Confidential Informant Program. It uses people who confidentially provide "vital information about criminal activities that would not otherwise be available."

The program is used throughout the Air Force and is not unique to the Academy.

The Gazette article focuses on a former cadet named Eric Thomas who was part of the program. According to the article, Thomas was disavowed after being part of the program.

Air Force Academy says Thomas was disenrolled on April 2, 2013 for failing aptitude and conduct probation, excessive demerits and a pattern of military misconduct.

"In fact, Mr. Thomas' pattern of misconduct began in his freshman year and he accumulated a significant number of demerits, confinements and restriction to base prior to December 2011," the response says.

The Academy says Thomas was approved by the program in December of 2011 and was told he "was not allowed to violate the law, Air Force or DOD policies, or Academy rules." The release says he signed to show he understood the instructions.

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