Investigators: Closer Look at Case of Missing Baby

Investigators are taking a new look at the Christopher Abeyta case, the 7-monthold kidnapped from his home in Colorado Springs 25 years ago..

A committee with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children will be reviewing his disappearance. Springs police have already sent them the case file.

The family says they have hope that they will get answers now that the case will be looked at with new eyes.

"They are going to have FBI analysts and retired police detectives that have worked on these cases analyze everything that has been done so far,” Bernice Abeyta, Christopher’s mother, said.

Christopher was snatched 25 years ago from his crib just feet away from where his parents were sleeping in Colorado Springs.

"Bernice woke up to take care of him,” Gil Abeyta, Christopher’s father, said. “The crib was only two or three feet away. She looked in the crib and there was nothing there."

The family told police about a woman they think took Christopher. That woman reportedly had an affair with the father.

11 News went to the woman's house Monday. She denied taking the baby, saying the family needs to look elsewhere because she didn't do it.

Police also investigated the family at the time of the disappearance back in 1986.

"We all went through lie detector tests,” Gil Abeyta said.

The child's mother failed two tests, which she blames on prescription medication. She says she wants to know where Christopher is.

"He's got four grandparents that have died since his disappearance,” Bernice Abeyta said. “He's got a cousin and uncle that have died without anything being solved. They had to die not knowing."

She says she worries that she'll never know either.

The Center for Missing and Exploited Children released an age progression picture of Christopher of what he may look like now.

11 News will continue to follow any new developments in this investigation.