Ban On Retail Marijuana In Pueblo County?

Some residents want to get rid of recreational pot in Pueblo County.
They filed paperwork with the county so they could start a petition drive to eventually get the issue on the November ballot. The people in favor want to ban retail recreational pot sales in the county and close down the dispensaries.

The county clerk has until next week to see if the language on the proposed petition is okay to move forward to get signatures. The petition was filed on Thursday afternoon and the county clerk has five days to review it.

Commissioner Sal Pace said if this were to pass, it would hurt the county and the businesses that have profited from pot sales. Last year, the sale of marijuana generated a net revenue of $1.75 million for Pueblo County.

Sal Pace released the following statement:
“I’m saddened that a vocal minority is willing to tear apart our community when the voters of Pueblo have already spoken loud and clear. The result will be the same…again… except the community will be divided unnecessarily for the next seven months.

The folks running the measure need to explain to the hundreds of people working in Pueblo’s cannabis, construction, and real estate industries how they will put food on the table if this measure is successful.

Finally, if this passes what do we say to Pueblo County high school students promised scholarships, to the Colorado State Fair, Colorado State University-Pueblo, North Mesa and South Mesa Elementary, Beulah School, Runyon Field, Rye Mountain Park, and many other programs anticipating funds approved by the voters this past November from the 1B excise tax measure?”