CU Temporarily Cancels Mexico Study Abroad Trips

In this photo taken on June 12, 2009, tourists enjoy the beach at the resort city of Cancun, Mexico. With the swine-flu scare still alive, but the chances of contracting it in Mexico lower than ever, it could just be the perfect time to head south of the U.S. border, where hotel operators and tourism officials are doing everything short of giving away vacations for free. (AP Photo/Israel Leal)
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The University of Colorado in Boulder says it has temporarily canceled its study abroad programs in Mexico over concerns of rising cartel violence.

CU's interim provost Russell Moore said Thursday the programs to Jalisco, Monterrey, Oaxaca and Guanajuato were called off and students planning to go were notified of the change last week. The schools says only a handful of students were planning to go to Guadalajara, in Jalisco, and to Guanajuato. No students were planning to study in Oaxaca or Guanajuato in the summer or fall.

The school says it also canceled a field trip into Mexico scheduled this week for students in CU's International and National Voluntary Service Training program.

It's unclear when the study abroad programs will resume.