UPDATE: Kyle Stott Found Guilty of Murdering Jason Holley

The verdict is in in the murder trial of 22-year-old Jason Holley, and Kyle Stott has been found guilty on all charges.

Holley was a mentally disabled Colorado Springs man, who was allegedly killed over an X-Box gaming system back in January of 2009. His body wasn't discovered until May of 2009 when one of the suspects in the case gave investigators information on his location. His body was found near Seven Falls.

Two men are charged in his murder. One of them, is 18-year-old Stott, who was found guilty on all charges Friday. He's been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Jason Holley's older brother Nik Holley was elated at the verdict and sentencing, "It feels great, our whole family is so thankfully, this is the best that could have happened and justice was served in the name of my brother and we couldn't ask for any more."

The Holley family was thankful for the patience and care taken by the jury, and the judge also commented about a job well done.

Before his sentencing was finalized, the judge in the case told Kyle Stott the murder was "absolutely senseless, unimaginable, and unexplainable." She told Stott that Jason "thought he could trust you" and "he would have given you his X-Box if you had asked for it."

Kyle Stott did not make any comments at his sentencing. He was found guilty on a total of eight counts, and sentenced to serve two life sentences, plus an additional 32 years.

Jason Holley's brother, Nik Holley, says his brother suffered from Klinefelter’s Syndrome, which affected Jason's development and made it harder for him to determine who he should and shouldn't have made friends with. "He just wanted to just be friends with everybody,” says Nik Holley. “He would just befriend anybody. He couldn't tell, 'oh this kid's not the right person to be friends with.'"

Nik Holley had previously told 11 News, of the suspects, "they really did the most low-down thing that you can do, take advantage of somebody who doesn't have the mental capacity to say no to them".

Stott's trial began last week, and jury deliberations took just two days.

The trial for the second suspect, Derek Hernandez is expected to begin sometime this fall.