Bike Ride for Wounded Warriors

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Some 20 cyclists from all over the America are riding across the country for the "Sea to Shining Sea" bike ride. These wounded warriors are raising awareness for their military brothers and sisters who come back from combat with physical and mental injuries.

The "Sea to Shining Sea" bike ride made a pit stop at the Mountain Post Wednesday. The ride began on the Pacific Coast and the cyclists will ride from there to Virginia Beach, Virginia.

"You can get out and still do things you love to do,” said Air Force Staff Sgt. Marc Esposito. “You might be limited, but the reason you're injured is because you're sworn to protect your country."

Esposito was deployed to Afghanistan last year. "You never expect it to be you," he said. It was last May that his life changed forever. "I encountered an IED and pretty much every bone in my legs were broken," Esposito said. Doctors told him he would never walk again.

But the wounds these heroes suffer are not always visible. "There's such a vast array of injuries," said Kevin Sullivan, a former pilot with the Air Force. He was medically discharged for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Sullivan said his wife pushed him to get help.

"She noticed a stark change in my personality,” Sullivan said. “It was with her support and knowing that it was okay to come forward with what I deemed a weakness."

These men, along with the 18 other wounded warriors, are riding to celebrate their accomplishments, and to cheer on their wounded brothers and sisters.

"Medical technology and drugs are going to take you to a certain level,” Esposito said. “But it's your own personal determination, it's your own personal will power that's going to get you to somewhere you want to be."

These American heroes want to be on Virginia Beach, at the end of their 4,000 mile journey. It’s a two month bike ride, they say, will be taken one pedal at a time.

For more information on “Sea to Shining Sea” click the link below.