Jamaican Scam Escalates

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In the movie, Bad Boys II ... Miami cops have their hands full going after the bad guys.
These big time thugs are what a Colorado Springs man envisioned when he started getting threatening phone calls at home at all hours.
In one recording the caller says, "Do you want me to have you killed?"
The targeted man doesn't want to use his name, but wants you to hear his story. He's kept notes on the calls which started about a month ago.
First, he was told he had won millions. Then the callers claimed to be FBI agents who needed his help.
Finally, the men calling from Jamaica threatened to kill him unless he wired cash to them immediately.
Another caller said, "You have the next ******* 24 hours to have the ******* money sent okay? Don't *** with me!"
He wasn't scared, but bothered by the facts... they knew where he used to work, his address, and named off the streets they'd take to get to his house.
He says, "I'm getting tired of it. I said quit calling my house and I said I damn well know you're not an FBI agent and he cussed at me and hung the phone up."
The tough part... Colorado Springs Police can't go after the crooks because they're operating outside the country and out of their jurisdiction.
Agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement say Jamaica has become the new center for these kind of schemes.
In fact, we're told last year Americans wired more than $30-million dollars to crooks there... with the money going to violent gangs who're putting the cash into drugs and gun trafficking.
Don't let these guys scare you. Just ignore them and don't take their calls.
Another step you can take... call the phone company and ask to have the calls blocked.