More Than 50 Dogs Are Now On Road To Recovery

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More than 50 dogs are now on the road to recovery thanks to the National Mill Dog Rescue out of Peyton, Colorado.

The dogs were rescued from puppy mills in Missouri. Some of the rescued dogs only know a cage as their home. So volunteers are helping them start a new life.

"This is the first day of the rest of their lives," said volunteer Linda Hoover.

The first step on a journey to finding a safe home. "We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome these dogs," said Theresa Strader, Director of the organization.

The process starts by giving them a name. "Everyone gets a name, an ID badge, they get their vaccinations, and they are seen by a vet," says Strader.

More than a hundred volunteers are helping these dogs feel better. "This dog has health issues, and she will be taken care of for the rest of her life, no matter what," said Hoover of one little dog.

After the checkups and a little grooming the dogs are photographed for the website. "They are having a better day then they have ever had and it's just going to keep getting better after this," says Hoover.

When the dogs are ready to go the next step is to find them a foster home until the adoption process is complete.

If you want to follow these dogs on their journey or want to know more on how to adopt them just click on the link below or visit