5-Year-Old Dies of Asthma Attack In His Sleep

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He had an asthma attack in the middle of the night and now he's dead at the age of five. Ja-Mickeal James Lane of Colorado Springs died in his sleep on Monday.

Ja-Mickeal's parents, Lara and Kenneth Lane, say they are still on shock. When they think about their little boy, they smile, but cry when they realize he's gone.

Lara says she should be planning his kindergarten graduation, not his funeral.

"Maybe if I would have woke up he'd be here. He'd still be here," said Lara Lane. She says she can't help but blame herself for her son's death.

"We did CPR, we called 9-1-1 and all I wanted to do was help my baby. There was no heart beat, he wasn't breathing and he was gone," said Lara Lane.

Little Ja-Mickeal, or J.J., as they call him, was sound asleep. His mom was right by his side. He’d been sick with pneumonia. Lara stayed up until 3 a.m. on Monday monitoring his breathing and making sure his pneumonia symptoms didn't flare up.

She then dozed off and it wasn't until her husband Kenneth got home from work two hours later that she realized her youngest born wasn't breathing. "Like a piece is missing. There's no words to describe it. It's just, it's empty," said Kenneth Lane.

The Lanes say the coroner told them J.J. died of an asthma attack in his sleep. Doctors say young children who have asthma can sometimes be difficult to treat. "Because they don't report their symptoms very well," said Dr. William Storms who is an Allergy/Asthma Specialist in Colorado Springs.

Plus, Dr. Storms says asthma is already very unpredictable. "Severe asthma can happen at any time. It's unusual, it's rare, but it can hit you like that," said Dr. Storms.

The Lanes are still in shock. They still can't believe their J.J. is gone. "Once you knew him, you never forgot him," said Lara Lane. But they hope his story might help save another.

J.J. was diagnosed with asthma in August and had been on medicine since. His parents say his asthma hadn't acted up in more than a week. They thought he was getting better. Doctors say the best thing a parent can do is watch their kids closely.

J.J. was the youngest of five kids. His funeral will be held this Saturday.

Ja-Mickeal James Lane seen here at school.