Deer Gets Caught In Christmas Decorations

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You've heard the term "a deer caught in the headlights," well how about “a deer caught in the Christmas lights?”

Saturday, 11 News was there when a buck showed up in a southwest Colorado Springs neighborhood, with a string of Christmas lights hanging from its antlers.

Neighbors are used to seeing deer in the area, but not one with its own decorations stuck on its head.

"I guess it got some lights tangled up in its antlers," said Louis McIntire.

McIntire saw the decorated deer, with a tangle of lights on its antlers strung down to the ground. "Everyday they're around here," said McIntire.

The lights are usually reserved for the trees and fences, not the deer. "A deer with Christmas lights is like, what did Santa lose his reindeer," said Steve Cvanita.

A neighbor chased the buck and tried to get the lights off. "He'd get pretty close, but not close enough," said McIntire. "They jump the fence here once in a while."

Neighbors say, they're looking for food. "They eat everything they can see here," said McIntire.

This isn't the first time a buck has gotten in a bind. In 2006 a deer found himself in a similar situation.

As for this year's decorated deer, he made a pretty swift exit.

The Division of Wildlife said the deer with the lights was spotted about two weeks ago. They said, as long as the lights aren't covering the deer's mouth or tangled on its feet they'll leave him alone.

The D.O.W. also says the deer's antlers should fall off in the winter. So this problem will take care of itself sooner than later.