Have You Seen Christopher Abeyta?

November 28, 2009 Christopher Abeyta would have been 24 years old on November 28, 2009. Abeyta was only 7 months old when he was snatched from his Colorado Springs home nearly two and a half decades ago, but his family believes he is still alive. "That's what we live for. We're not going to give up," said Gil Abeyta, Christopher's dad.

Friends and family packed Quail Lake Park off East Cheyenne Mountain Blvd. in Colorado Springs on Saturday where hundreds of balloons were released. Some balloons even had little notes attached to them with messages for Christopher.

Gil Abeyta says revenge on whoever stole his little boy is one of many emotions that consumed him for many years. This year it's different. "At this point after all these years all we want to know is that Christopher is safe and well," said Gil Abeyta.

The night Christopher vanished he lay asleep in his crib in his parent's bedroom. "Someone walked in and took him and then to think that they could have gotten away with it after all of these years," said Denise Alves, Christopher's Sister.

Emotions are still raw, but hope is what helps keep family and friends going. Along with a newly released age progressed photo of Christopher. The National Center For Missing Children are the ones who formed the composite photo.

"I think it's going to be the circumstances along with the photo," said Denise Alves. The Abeyta family says it takes just one person to recognize his face.

The family put up family photos of themselves on www.findchristopher.com in case the age progressed photo is not as accurate as they hope. People can go to their website to see what his other siblings look like in case you believe you have spotted Christopher.

The Abeyta family says Christopher's disappearance is considered a cold case, but is still active.

The family also started up, Families of Missing Children International, and have since helped find dozens of missing children.