Seven Falls Closed Until Further Notice

Flood waters ravaged one of Colorado Springs most popular tourist spots, but the owners are optimistic they'll recover.

Alinda Walker told 11 News she hasn't seen this extent of damage at Seven Falls since the 1965 flood, which wiped out the park.

Seven Falls is located less than two miles from the Broadmoor on the southwest side of Colorado Springs. The southwest side received the most rain in the city in last week's flooding, more than a foot in some spots.

Flood waters tore up much of the road leading into Seven Falls, knocked over trees, and left a mess of mud and standing water behind for workers to clean up.

"It's now more like five falls instead of seven falls," Walker said in reference to the parks famed falls, now fiercely gushing.

The park's gift shop and archway at the entrance were untouched in the flooding.

Though the park will be closed for several months, the precedent that the '65 flood set makes Walker upbeat about Seven Falls' future.

"We rebuilt then...we'll rebuild now," she said.

Walker hopes it will reopen sometime next year.

For now, visitors can't even get close to the park; road blocks have been set up at Cheyenne Road and Evans, as well as at Evans and Mesa.