Best Buy Mistakenly Offers TV For $9.99

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A 52-inch Samsung TV for $9.99? It was an offer online at… but it was all a big mistake.

The ad caused quite a fire storm on the Internet on Twitter and on Facebook. One of KKTV’s fans on Facebook wrote us from Kuwait, saying he took part in the “amazing deal” and bought a few TVs, or so he thought.

The ad has since been taken off the Web site and Best Buy has since posted an apology, stating it was an “error.” The company will not honor the incorrect price and under the legal policies on their Web site, it reserves that right.

That $9.99 TV really goes for $1,699.99.

For those whose order went through online, Best Buy says their credit card will be refunded.

If you're wondering if Uncle Sam or the state can hold Best Buy's feet to the fire and honor the price, the answer is no. In fact, the Colorado Attorney General's office says it's not their job to go after companies for a typo.