Missing Fort Carson Soldier Found Dead

Fort Carson officials tell 11 News a 28-year-old soldier who has been missing since Tuesday has been found dead in California.

Brandy Gill, a Fort Carson spokesperson says PFC Roy Mason II was found dead this afternoon in Santa Cruz, California by the Santa Cruz Police Department.

Gill said she could not release any other details because the death is still under investigation.

A California newspaper is reporting that Mason's death was a suicide. Fort Carson officials would not confirm.

PFC Roy Mason II, was assigned to the Warrior Transition Unit, and was listed as AWOL Tuesday when he did not report to the morning's accountability formation.

According to Army officials he rented a car from Enterprise.

Mason has been in Warrior Transition Unit since April 1, 2009. WTU is a unit for mentally and or physically wounded soldiers. Fort Carson officials tell 11 News, WTU is for wounded warriors that were either injured while in combat or are unable to perform normal soldier activities, which keeps them from deploying.

Before being re-assigned to WTU, Mason was assigned to 1-12 Infantry, 4BCT, 4ID, which is deploying right now to Afghanistan.

"We are very sad about this tragic loss of life and our hearts go out to PFC Mason's family," said Gill.