Credit Card Copying Case

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Three alleged crooks are now charged, accused of stealing personal information from unsuspecting customers at a fast food restaurant. The suspects are charged with racketeering for allegedly ringing up more than $14,000 on other people's credit cards.

Cops say it all started at the Taco Bell off Academy Park Loop on the southeast side of town. According to police papers, one of the employees working the drive-thru, was using a credit card skimmer, which copies the numbers and the magnetic strips, so duplicates can be made. The employee would then sell customers' card information to three suspected crooks, who went shopping around town.

"We got a look at our statement and saw some odd charges," said Edwin. He is among the 48 victims.

Hanna, another victim, had her debit card used for a $700 purchase at Kmart, a store she says she doesn't even shop at, so she called her bank. "I asked her (the banker) ‘Was my card present or was it keyed in? The banker said it was there. "That's impossible," Hanna replied. "The card is with me right now."

The suspects in this case are also accused of going to gyms, breaking into lockers, and stealing credit card information that way.

Cops say to avoid fraud, make sure to check your accounts daily.