Free Carbon Monoxide Inspection Likely Saved Man's Life

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A simple inspection could be the reason why a Colorado Springs man is alive. A free carbon monoxide inspection showed just how dangerous his home was. The inspection turned up a large leak.

Les Rehders saw the story on 11 News: Free Carbon Monoxide Inspections being offered by a local heating company, Robbins Heating. He called right away.

"They came out and I'm glad they did," Rehder’s said.

Turns out Les had been breathing in carbon monoxide every time his furnace came on. "I've had headaches lately and I couldn't figure out why, I don't normally get headaches."

Troy Limmer from Robbins Heating says a major pipe in his furnace was cracked. "He was shaking his head and he said I don't believe I'm sitting here talking to you, you should be a statistic," said Rehders.

Limmer says since they started doing the free inspections, they've looked at about 68 homes. They've found a total of 4 leaks; Rehders was one of the worst. The vent on top of his house is covered in rust, the first warning sign that there could be a leak. "If they see rust or the cap is bent or misshapen then that's a good indication they have a problem," Limmer said.

Rehders is just thankful he had an inspection done. "I'm lucky to be here actually, my grandkids still have a grandpa," Rehder said.

For Rehders it meant the difference between life and death.

Robbins Heating decided to start offering the free inspections after a Manitou Springs mother was poisoned by carbon monoxide in her own home back in December.

To get a free carbon monoxide inspection call Robbins Heating, their number is 597-3014.