Local Business Offers Free Carbon Monoxide Inspections in Light of Recent Deaths

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A family of four, a young mother and a college student, all victims of carbon monoxide poisoning in Colorado, needless deaths that we can prevent.

One local heating business is doing what it can to prevent any more deaths. Robbins Heating is offering free carbon monoxide inspections at homes and business in the area. Free of charge they'll check furnaces, water heaters and all vents where leaks could possibly be lurking.

A step that could have saved a Manitou Springs mother killed by carbon monoxide poisoning just before Christmas.

The death of 22-year-old Kelly Murphy was sudden and tragic; it shocked the Manitou Springs community. Her co-workers at Adams Mountain Cafe are still trying to come to grips with what happened.

“It doesn't even seem like it's really real yet," said Samantha Sloan, Manager of Adams.

Kelly died in her home, poisoned by carbon monoxide.

"We've all missed Kelly tremendously. I think everyday someone says they had a dream about her, they thought about standing in the servers station talking to her," Sloan said.

Two candles burn in the cafe beside a small memorial and while they try to honor her memory at the café, another local business is trying to prevent anymore carbon monoxide deaths from happening.

"We don't want anyone else lost to something that is very preventable,” said Troy Limmer, General Manager of Robbins Heating.

He says that's why his company will be offering free carbon monoxide inspections.

"We want to go by and take a look at their vent systems, make sure there are no holes, no carbon monoxide and that they have plenty of ventilation for their furnace and water heater systems," Limmer said.

He says one of things they'll be looking for is rusty vents.

"If they see rust or the cap is bent or misshapen then that's a good indication they have a problem," Limmer said.

A problem that can be easily fixed and could save lives.

All of us also need to make sure we have a working carbon monoxide detector in our homes. To get a free carbon monoxide inspection call Robbins Heating at 597-3014.