Accused Planned Parenthood Shooter Calls 11 News

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In a new phone interview Friday, accused Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear spoke to 11 News about what happened that day and why he says he did it.

Three people were killed and several injured when a gunman opened fire at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs in November.

Dear mentioned secret case files when he was in court earlier this week. He said he wants to talk to the media about those files.

When we asked him about them on Friday, he mentioned how the files are sealed for his case.

"What did I mean? Everything I’m telling you they don’t want people to know, they sealed it," Dear said over the phone. "They don’t want none of this stuff to be known because it embarrasses the powers that be.”

Dear rattled off several conspiracy theories during a rambling phone interview with 11 News Friday.

"Scalia just got knocked off," said Dear. "They don't do an autopsy on him and he was the number one opponent of Obama on the Supreme Court."

When we ask about the Planned Parenthood shooting, again he says it was for babies.

"Yeah I tried to save babies, yeah, because they were selling baby parts, too," said Dear. "Not only are they killing the babies, now they're selling baby parts."

Dear admits to the killings, and tells us his plan in court.

"Oh, well I'm gonna plead guilty cuz I know I'm guilty," said Dear. "But the point is, uh that yeah I killed three people, but I saved probably 3,000 babies, maybe more than that."

On why he wants to represent himself:

"Well, I've caught my lawyers lying several times and they're the ones in cooperation with the judge," said Dear.

Is he competent?

"My lawyer, the first day when I had my ‘outbursts’ as they call it, my lawyer said, ‘Oh, he’s incompetent,'" said Dear. "You see they want to make me sound -- and the reason I’m talking to you is to let people know and hear me – do I sound incompetent? I'm a college graduate. I'm not incompetent."

"The point is, if they want me to plead innocent by reason of insanity – but see what that does is that diminishes my cause -- to say I'm insane when in reality I'm making a moral stand for the moral crimes of 100 million babies they've killed, worse than Hitler and the gas chambers and how many he killed."

Dear doesn't offer any regret about that dark day.

"I think it was right to save the 3,000," said Dear.

Dear also tells us they've been sending him to a psychiatrist every day for analysis. Wednesday's hearing was rescheduled to allow more time for his mental health evaluation to be completed.

At the end of our phone call, Dear added, "Just praise the Lord.”

Dear will be back in court next month. We'll let you know what happens.