Assault Rifle Sales Skyrocket

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An historical election year has sparked an increase in gun sales. Several gun shops in Colorado Springs say they are at their busiest.

Some are afraid their Second Amendment rights are in jeopardy with Democrats now ruling the House and Senate.

The owner of Paradise Gun Sales in Colorado Springs, Paul Paradis, says sales are up 400% compared to this time last year.

Many gun enthusiasts say they are fired up about the possibility of their gun rights being hindered by an Obama Administration.

"There's a lot of fear that guns are either going to get harder to get or more expensive to get or both. At least half of the people coming in and buying guns say this is their first gun," said Paradis.

Mel Bernstein, AKA Dragon Man, owns Dragon Arms Gun Shop. "The rush is on," said Bernstein. But he says gun lovers need to slow down. "There's not going to be an assault riffle ban like next week," said Bernstein.

Bernstein says if a ban on assault riffles is going to happen, it's not going to happen overnight. "We sold 37 assault riffles Saturday and Sunday. That's what we probably sell in four months," said Bernstein.

Ernie Ferguson, a Colorado Springs resident bought himself a handgun. "If I want to get another gun, now might be a good time to get it," said Ferguson.

President Elect Barack Obama says he's not against taking away people's gun rights, but he is for common sense gun laws.

Gun shop owners say if you're going to buy a gun learn how to use it properly, otherwise, "It makes all gun owners look bad," said Paradis.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office says they've also seen a hike in Concealed Handgun Permit requests. Currently there are more than 10,600 holders.