Overnight Ghost Hunting With John Harding

KKTV 11-News ushered in Halloween with a "one of a kind" ghost hunt at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum.

KKTV 11 News Morning Anchor John Harding and members of the Colorado Springs Paranormal Association begin their search around 10:30 Thursday evening, and broadcasted the investigation through a live webcast until around 5AM Friday.

Team members went room by room using sophisticated audio and visual equipment to hopefully capture sights and sounds of the unexplained.

Some members say they did see and hear unexplained phenomenon, and one member says she even felt an unexplained entity touch her through the night. The group will now review the gathered data, to try and verify or debunk any evidence of the unexplained.

The group has around 60 hours of combined data to review, which is done in "real time." KKTV 11-News plans to share their findings within the coming week.

The investigation was set in the Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum. Many consider it one of the "crown jewels" for paranormal activity in Southern Colorado. It has a rich history which dates back long before it became a museum in 1973. It's that history which leads to many of the ghost stories which haunts it today. You can visit the museum website by clicking here.

Web Extras:

To learn more about the each member of the Colorado Springs Paranormal Association and their personal stories about why they do what they do, click on the video link above.

Click here to see a map of the floor plan of the Pioneer's Museum.

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