Sewage Pipe At Risk Near Sand Creek

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Crews are working to divert the water in Sand Creek away from a bank that has been badly eroded by recent storms, coming dangerously close to exposing a sewage pipe.

Water rushing through the area near Palmer Park and Powers has eroded the west bank of the creek approximately 20 feet. A raw sewage pipe is now only 7 feet away from being exposed.

Colorado Springs Utilities officials say, that pipe can be easily exposed and compromised with just one more rain storm. If that were to happen, raw sewage would spill into Sand Creek creating a nightmare for those downstream as well as an environmental emergency. That's why crews are now working to build up rocks and dirt to divert the water away from that bank.

Since 2000, Colorado Springs Utilities has spent $100 million dollars on their wasted collection system. Utilities says they will do what they have to do to make sure pipes are not compromised.