Strangers Help Kidnapped Woman

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One of three men who helped save the woman who was kidnapped from Taos, New Mexico on Thursday spoke exclusively to 11 News.

The alleged victim is 27-year-old Valerie Esquibel.

Apparently a man forced Esquibel at gun point to get into her car and drive to Denver, but her car broke down on the North side of Colorado Springs near the Western Museum of Mining & Industry on Thursday night.

There were three men at the museum that night listening to music and building a haunted house when they all heard something very spooky.

"The screaming got progressively louder and louder," said Drew Sanford, one of the three men who helped Esquibel.

The men could hear Esquibel screeching at the top of her lungs.

"She was just screaming, 'help, help, help!,'" said Sanford.

When her car broke down just off of Interstate-25 Esquibel told authorities she knew that was her opportunity to get away.

"She was very frantic, very upset and out of breath because she had been running," said Sanford.

Esquibel ran through trees and a swamp to get away from her kidnapper who was chasing after her. He was right at her heals until, "He tripped over some sticks and went down and that's when she took advantage and just kept on running and never looked back again," said Sanford.

That's when she found the three men, who normally are not there after dark, and was able to call 911.

"None of us had weapons so we just picked the next best thing," said Sanford. They picked up shovels and hammers and went looking for Esquibel's assailant.

The men were disappointed to find nothing, but glad they were there to help.

The three men say Esquibel is welcome to visit anytime, but they doubt she'll be making a trip back any time soon.