Friends Remember 2 Cyclists Killed

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The cycling community in Colorado Springs is mourning the loss of two of their own. 28-year-old Jayson Kilroy and 30-year-old Edgar Juarez, also known as E.J. were killed Wednesday night when they were hit by a truck at the intersection of 26th Street and Westend Avenue.

Police say Juarez and Kilroy were riding with three other cyclists when they were hit and there is no evidence to suggest that the group contributed to the crash in any way. Police say they were following the rules of the road and were all wearing helmets.

Friends of the victims gathered at the crash site Wednesday, they put together a large makeshift memorial with pictures, flowers and two bikes.

"I miss them so much, it just doesn't make sense,” said their friend Tori Rust.

Friends say Jayson and E.J. loved riding their bikes more than anything, they also both worked together at a local bike shop, Colorado Cyclist. Scott Boyer was a co-worker and E.J.’s roommate.

"There's a big chunk missing, a lot of heavy hearts at the Cyclist. A big piece of the cycling community was lost," Boyer said.

He says now they're just trying to focus on all the good times, most spent together on bike rides. He says E.J. was always the toughest one in the group.

"He was super tough, he rode six days a week sometimes two times a day," Boyer said.

And as they mourn, they admit there is some comfort knowing their two friends died doing what they loved.

"It just hasn't sunk in yet," Rust said.

But nothing right now nothing can take away their pain, they just hope their memorial will serve as a reminder to those who drive by.

"I just hope that maybe there's a little bit more awareness for people on the road, instead of blaming cyclists for taking up the road be more aware of them," Boyer said.

So no more lives have to be lost.

Jayson and E.J.’s friends rode from Wooglins Deli on Tejon St. to the scene of the crash Thursday night, a memorial bike ride to honor their two friends.

Kilroy was from Michigan, E.J. from Illinois, friends say their funerals will be held in their home states.

Police say 63-year-old Barbara Thomas was driving the truck that struck the two men.

She's been charged with vehicular homicide and investigators say she was under the influence of drugs, most likely prescription medications at the time of the crash.

Police say Thomas was also not wearing corrective lenses and she is required to do so.

She allegedly made an illegal left hand turn and hit Juarez and Kilroy head-on, both were pronounced dead at the scene.