New Life Church Pastor Reacts To Church Shooting In Knoxville

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The crime tape surrounding a church in Knoxville is a sight that brings back a terrible day for New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

"It's still raw for us. We’re working through the grief and the sadness. I have compassion for anyone who goes through this," said Head Pastor Brady Boyd.

He had only been the pastor at New Life for a few months when a gunman opened fire. Matthew Murray killed two teenage sisters and wounded three others. An armed church security officer stopped the rampage, by shooting down Murray, who then took his own life.

“They need to rally around the church and soon. My advice would be don't go seven days before meeting again," said Boyd.

Three days after the shooting at New Life, Pastor Boyd called a church meeting. Nine thousand of the 10,000 members knew that’s where they had to be that night.

“When a family goes through a crisis, it either destroys them or makes them stronger. New Life is stronger than ever. That's my prayer for Knoxville."

While Boyd acknowledges his church isn't 100 percent healed seven months after the shooting, they're getting there. He said in Knoxville, in time, he hopes that process will start, too.