CSPD Now Reporting 85 Burglaries During Waldo Canyon Fire Evacuation

The latest data from Colorado Springs police indicates a total of 85 burglaries occurred during the Waldo Canyon fire evacuations.

The 85 cases include 42 burglarized homes and 43 burglaries of vehicles. Police call those “confirmed” burglaries and did not release data about any that were unconfirmed.

At last report, the total was 65 burglaries. CSPD spokesperson Barbara Miller says the numbers were updated due to their research in updating and determining which cases had a direct correlation to the evacuation.

11 News also asked for data about vandalism in the evacuation area. CSPD reported no reports of vandalism during that period.

Colorado Springs police have set up a $50,000 reward for information that leads to additional arrests. If several tips lead to arrests, the money will be split accordingly.

Anyone with information about those crimes is asked to call 719-385-2222.