VICTIMS IDENTIFIED: One Dead, One Injured In Dry Gulch Avalanche

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Two skiers triggered an avalanche in the Colorado backcountry Sunday, and one didn't make it out alive.

The avalanche happened around 1 p.m. in the Dry Gulch area, just north of the Loveland ski resort.

The two skiers were 31-year-old Justin Latici, who survived, and his friend, 32-year-old Kyle Shellberg, who was killed. Shellberg is a former ski patroller for Loveland.

A member of the rescue team, Bill Barwick, says the avalanche "buried both of them. One of them dug himself out and found his partner and did CPR for 45 minutes to no avail."

Latici made it down to the mountain about two hours after the avalanche with a leg injury. He was flown to Denver for treatment.

The avalanche was about 500 feet wide, and 600 feet vertically.

Rescuers say these skiers were prepared with shovels, probes and location beacons, but that in backcountry conditions, you just can't predict everything.

Sunday's avalanche risk was at "moderate."

It's advised to always check avalanche conditions during the winter months. The state of Colorado has a website: Colorado Avalance Information Center. Click on the below link to access this page.