Waldo Canyon Fire Victim Gets Pictures From the Past

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Terry Rector sifts through what's left of his Colorado Springs home destroyed by the Waldo Canyon fire.

"This would have been some type of ornament or something," Rector said as he held up a piece of glass.

One of the hardest parts for Rector was losing decades worth of family pictures.

"You don't think about it until it flashes in your mind hey I had that photograph, I had that picture," Rector said.

But now, in an incredible twist, he has some of the pictures back.

"Strange things do happen and when I heard about this I didn't believe it," Rector said.

A bar owner in Ogden, Utah found his deceased grandmother's wallet. It was stashed away in a wall of the building, found while the bar was being renovated.

"When they touched the envelope it disintegrated but all the pictures remained intact," said bar owner, Cindy Simone.

Simone then searched for the owner of the pictures in three states.

"Somebody needs this in their family," she said.

Simone finally tracked down Terry Rector's cousin in Utah. She handed over the priceless pictures that everyone figures were probably stolen from his grandmother while she was in that bar more than 70 years ago.

"In this case it's almost like she's come back to say goodbye," said Terry's cousin, Darrell Rector.

Now Terry has the pictures and has a connection to his past he never imagined he'd see again.

"It's a miracle, it really is," Rector said.