Dan May Will Likely Go Head To Head With John Newsome

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The numbers are in. Dan May will run against District Attorney John Newsome this fall. May is the former Assistant District Attorney of the 4TH Judicial District Attorney's Office.

May needed only 1,000 signatures to make it on the ballot and on Tuesday May announced he was able to gather a whopping 2,852 signatures, all notarized.

The signatures must be verified first by the Secretary of State. May says that will get done with-in the next couple of days.

Typically, a few hundred names are thrown off the list for various reasons. One being, in this case, you have to be a registered Republican for your signature to count. May says with nearly 3,000 signatures, he's not worried.

The Republican headquarters in Colorado Springs said no way. "You can't get a thousand signatures in 11-days," said May.

But he beat the odds. "Our message is being very well received," said May.

The current District Attorney for El Paso and Teller Counties, John Newsome, was caught on tape a few weeks back drinking and driving.

May says that opened up a door he wasn't expecting and he admitted he was hesitant to throw his hat into the ring.

"Public trust is something that you have to earn and it's so easy to lose," said May.

"Dan May is doing this for all of the right reasons," said his Campaign Manager and Colorado Springs Attorney, Will Bain.

May lost against Newsome in 2004. But May's followers say they're sure he'll win this time.

"He's very honest, he's probably the most honest guy I know and that's hard to beat," said Mark Carlos, who signed the petition for May's candidacy.

It took nearly 100 volunteers to pile up the nearly 3,000 signatures.

"I think the chances are 99.9% that May is going to be on the ballot," said Bain.

Now that May is pretty much in, the people will get to vote in August.

"The community will decide. That's why I think this petition was a good way to go. If we can get this many signatures in 11-days that means the community was concerned," said May.

John Newsome said, "If May does in fact have enough valid signatures, then the race is on."