Accused "Predator" Arrested

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Police are calling him a predator. A Colorado Springs man is in FBI custody, accused of trying to entice a child over the Internet to have sex.

Earl Webster Cox was arrested in Pueblo on Friday and spent the weekend in the Pueblo County Jail. On Monday, he was moved to Denver for questioning.

The FBI, with the help of Pueblo Police, arrested 45-year-old Earl Webster Cox at a local McDonald's following an Internet sting investigation. Police say Cox thought he'd was going to meet a 14-year old girl at the restaurant. He met the "girl" in a teen chat room. But that girl never existed. Investigators say, what he'd been doing is contacting an undercover FBI agent and making inappropriate sexual comments.

According to police, Cox believed the girl lived in Virginia. He sent money for her to buy a bus ticket to Pueblo, but the person who arrived at the bus terminal on Friday was an undercover Pueblo Police officer.

Prosecutors say the undercover officer boarded a bus east of town, walked to the McDonald's, and that's where Cox made contact with her.

Most police departments now have high-tech Internet specialists who track predators on the web.