Friday Update: Fort Carson Fire 75% Contained

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As of Friday evening, Fort Carson officials tell 11 News the fire is about 75% contained.

Approximately 150 firefighters continue to secure the remaining fire line.

"The interagency cooperation is nothing less than exceptional
and our combined effort will continue through the conclusion of this
incident," said Commander Jim Reid, El Paso County Fire Marshal.

Wednesday night's snow storm helped firefighters get an upper hand on the fire, but the flames are still burning Friday.

"It's not often we like blizzards. But, we clearly lked it coming in on top of the fire," said Col. Eugene Smith, Fort Carson garrison commander.

The fire at Fort Carson is now being called one of the largest ever in El Paso County, burning about 8,600 acres.

Although the flames are officially extinguished, Smith reinforced that fire crews will remain on the scene for the next few days and monitor any hot spots that may arise with the warming weather.

"We know we have several days of work ahead of us as we mop up this fire," said Col. Smith.

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