No Homework For Students At Woodland Park High School

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Woodland Park High School is getting world wide attention for their new teaching style. What they do is, instead of giving kids written homework assignments, their homework is to watch recorded lectures. Students then do homework during class time.

According to teachers at the high school, students love it.

Educators from as far away as Japan are calling Woodland Park High School asking them how they came up with the idea. Two teachers at the school say they came up with it on accident.

Jonathan Bergmann, one of the teachers at Woodland Park High School who came up with the idea said, "Kids are very digital. They learn with screens."

Aaron Sams is the other teacher at the school who came up with the idea. Both of them helped launch the new way of teaching.

They both started recording their lectures live for students who couldn't make it to class.

"We discovered the software", said Bergmann.

"It's an amazing teaching tool", said Sams.

That's when their wheels started turning.

"What if we did that all the time", said Sams.

And now they do.

"Instead of sitting and wasting 45 minutes listening to a teacher yap, students are going to have more one on one time with the teacher, work through problems, have a lot more hands on activities and a lot more lab activities", said Sams.

Allowing students to do the brunt of their work in class has worked wonders for students at Woodland Park High School.

"They used to go home and they would get stuck, or call a friend which is okay, or they would cheat or just give up on it", said Sams.

Student's scores have shot up this year leading teachers to believe their new teaching technique is the way of the future.

"It's going to happen. It's just a matter of time. It's going to take off", said Bergmann.

Kids can watch lectures on their Ipod's, cell phones or on the Internet at home. But since not all kids have those sort of tools, teachers burn lectures onto DVD's. So far that's worked for every student.