Dog Home Safe After Rescued From Icy Pond

(Courtesy: Susan Schneider)

Our Chief Meteorologist Brian Bledsoe says, this time of year can be especially dangerous because large bodies of frozen water start to melt.

It may look sturdy enough to stand on, but looks can be deceiving.

Bledsoe tells us, the temperatures should rise to the 50s and 60s this week and those temps will weaken the ice, his advice is to stay away from it.

That warning is for people and pets alike, we saw incredible video of a retriever being rescued from a half frozen half liquid pond, in pueblo today.

We spoke to some folks enjoying the weather and taking family pictures near a frozen area pond.

They tell KKTV 11 News, before they took pictures, the two mothers had a serious conversation with their kids about the dangers of large bodies of frozen water.
A family is thankful to have their dog home, safe and warm, after it got trapped in icy waters. A fire Chief used a ladder to crawl out on an icy pond and rescue the dog that had jumped into the frigid water Monday morning.

Two dogs chasing Canada Geese and ducks got into a little trouble Monday morning. A witness says one of the canines took a flying leap into the dangerously icy water in La Junta's City Park.

Susan Dietrich Schneider, a witness and 11 News viewer, says she was out at the pond feeding the ducks and geese and walking her own dogs. At first, she thought the dog in the water was having fun, but she called for help when she realized that the animal couldn’t get out on its own.

“I thought it was just having the time of its life. Then I thought, gee, humans have trouble getting out. The ice will crack as you try to get onto it. And that looked like what was happening. He was getting his front paws out, but just hanging there, “said Schneider.

For the nearly 20 minutes that its friend was struggling in the chilly water, the other dog was running back and forth on the dangerous ice. Susan says she felt the dog wanted to help.

The La Junta Fire Department laid a ladder out on top of the thin ice, and then the La Junta Fire Chief in full gear and belly down climbed out to pull the dog from the water.

“And he just tried to keep the weight evenly distributed. And the Chief went out to the end of the ladder and broke enough ice away to pull the dog to him. And pulled her up out of the water and then held onto her as we pulled the ladder back to the shoreline,” said La Junta Fire Engineer Tyler Schmidt.

Then they wrapped her in a blanket.

“And my heart just leaped with joy. I was pretty scared; I was pretty worried about that poor dog. It’s just a beautiful ending to a harrowing story, a harrowing event for my ordinary morning,” said Dietrich Schneider.

Dietrich Schneider was so thankful that the police department responded so quickly and that the fire department was able to rescue the dog.

“They are absolute heroes. Their hearts are so big and in the right place. They are not just here for us, but for our animals as well,” said Dietrich Schneider.

The two dogs, Boo and Cavey, are back home warm and cozy after the ordeal. 11 News reporter Kendra Potter spoke to the family who owns the dogs. Tim Klob says Boo was checked out by a vet and is going to be just fine. They were afraid she may have suffered from hypothermia because she was in the frigid water for so long.

Klob says his wife and two kids were worried about the pets after they escaped from their backyard earlier in the day. They spent hours searching for them.

Klob tells 11 News that Boo just had puppies nine weeks ago. Two are still at home with the family. He says it was a very happy reunion.

The family says they're happy to have both dogs back home and thankful for the community taking such good care of their pets.

“I’m grateful that someone was paying attention and that the firemen were willing to go out into the icy waters to save our dog for us. It’s not a child, but it’s like a child to us,” said Klob.

Klob was cited for having dogs at large, and will have to pay a $150 fine.

(Courtesy: Susan Schneider)
(Courtesy: Susan Schneider)