Pueblo Police Used Mace To Subdue Pit Bulls

The dog's owner, Paul Anthony Rodriguez, holds the chain the male pit bull allegedly broke away from just prior to the attack.

Pueblo Police say a woman was dragged at least fifteen yards by a pair of escaped pit bulls in an unprovoked attack along Alamo Road.

The woman, who is approximately 60-years-old, was walking down the road near the house where the dogs live. Police say the male dog broke from his chain and the female escaped from her pen.

The victim’s scalp was ripped off in a couple of areas when the dogs dragged her down the road, police say. She was airlifted to a Denver Hospital and is expected to survive.

Officers tried to track the dogs by their footprints, and used their mace on the animals when they turned against them.

The owner of the animals, Paul Anthony Rodriguez, is cited with several violations and says he plans to have the dogs euthanized. He says the animals are normally friendly and that the attack was a surprise.

"I'm sorry about what happened here. My dogs are not mean, but real protective," said Rodriguez. "I'm not sure what happened here - but it happened and I'm really sorry."

Rodriguez says that perhaps the animals were being protective over the two puppies at the residence.

He plans on visiting the woman at the hospital.

Rodriguez says the two dogs were given to him, but he was technically their owner. He says he takes care of a number of animals at that house.

Rodrigues says he owns the house, but does not live there full time. He told 11 News he stops by everyday to take care of the animals and has never had any complaints about his pit bulls. He was not home at the time of the attack. It is unclear how long the pit bulls were on the loose.

Police says he was charged with numerous violations including two counts of Unlawful Ownership of a Dangerous Dog and for not having the proper vaccinations.

A delivery man saw the attack happen and stopped the dogs in the nick of time. Stay with KKTV and KKTV.com for his side of the story.