UPDATE: Chemical Leak Closed By Hazmat Crew

Hazmat teams have closed a chemical leak on the 3000 block of Delta.

Authorities tell us that a metal washing company, Finishes Ltd., accidentally left a unit on. With the valve left open, chemicals spewed out and flowed towards a runoff into a nearby creek. Crews set up a temporary dam to prevent the chemicals from getting into the water. Authorities say that the dam worked, preventing the chemicals from spilling into the creek.

Twenty firefighters and firefighter Hazmat crews responded to the spill. Hazmat crews identified the leak as a second rinse cleaning solution. Authorities say that while they were initially concerned about the dangers of the chemicals getting into the creek, they determined that the cleaning solution was not dangerous to "people, animals or vegetation."

There was never a concern that the leak could become a vapor hazard, so no evacuations were made in the area.