Man Killed By Police When He Answers Door With Gun

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Pueblo police say a man has died in a shooting involving a Pueblo police officer. The Pueblo County Coroner says the man who died is 27-year-old Robert Elmore.

The coroner says Elmore died at from a gunshot wound to the chest.

Officers were called to the 2300 block of Long Horn Drive on a loud disturbance around 11:30 Thursday night. That's when the shooting happened.

Police say the man answered the door with a gun and pointed it at him, before the officer shot him twice in the chest.

Right now, a CIT or Critical Incident Team is investigating the case. That team will try to determine if the officer was justified when pulling the trigger.

"If there's an imminent threat, the officer is allowed to use equal or greater force to defend himself," says the Pueblo Police Department.

A Critical Incident Team is made up of investigators from multiple law enforcement agencies. This kind of team is called together whenever there's an incident where police are involved.