Police Release New Details On Shooting, Names Of Students

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Colorado Springs Police have released new information on Monday's fatal shootings, including the identities of the teenage victims and others involved.

Police say the suspect, 17 year old Andrew Brown, dated 16 year old Tiffany Howard. But she had recently broken up with him.

Early Monday afternoon, Tiffany called a friend, 16 year old Jeremy Vasquez, and asked him to pick her up because she had some concerns about Andrew Brown.

Jeremy and his friends picked Tiffany up at Doherty High School sometime around 1:00 p.m., in an SUV driven by 18 year old Michael Fisher. Soon after, they realized someone was following them as they drove south on Murray Boulevard.

At around 1:18 p.m., Jeremy Vasquez and 15 year old Caleb Moore, who was also in the SUV, called police. They said Brown was behind them, had displayed a shotgun, and had run into the back of their SUV.

The Police Communications Center gave the callers directions on how to get to the Sand Creek Division, the nearest police station. At the same time, dispatchers were trying to free up officers on other calls to respond to the area.

When the SUVs passed Airport Road on Murray, as they neared Crestline, Police say Brown pulled up alongside them and fired a shot, striking Jeremy Vasquez.

Michael Fisher immediately stopped, and everyone got out. Witnesses in the area stopped as well, trying to help Jeremy.

"A kid jumped out of the car, saying 'My friend is shot, my friend is shot,'" said witness Stephanie Edwards, who was taking a walk in the neighborhood.

That's when police say Brown made a U-turn and parked north of Fisher’s vehicle, blocking the street.

Police say he got out and started shooting again. Michael Fisher was hit, and died at the scene.

"I felt helpless. I saw a boy getting shot, shot right before my eyes. I just ran and ran because he was still shooting," said Edwards.

Brown then confronted Tiffany Howard, hitting her with the butt of his shotgun. He dropped the gun, which was later found to be empty.

Brown walked back over to his SUV, just as the first police officer arrived at the scene. When he ordered Brown to show his hands, police say Brown reached into the SUV for a second shotgun, and fatally shot himself.

Police say Brown got the guns from his home.


Police have also released more information about the teens involved:

Michael Fisher was the driver of the vehicle that Andrew Brown was chasing. He was 18 years old and attended Wasson High School. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jeremy Vasquez, 16 years old, was transported to Memorial Hospital and then later transferred to Denver Health. He is in critical condition. He is home schooled.

Tiffany Howard, 16 years old, was transported to Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. She attends Doherty High School.

Caleb Moore, 15 years old, was not injured. He is home schooled.

Robert Ellsworth, 16 years old was not injured. He attends Wasson High School.

Andrew Brown, 17 years old was pronounced dead at the scene. He attended Doherty High School


Police say autopsies on Michael Fisher and Andrew Brown are complete. Fisher died of multiple gunshot wounds and his death has been ruled a homicide. This marks the 21st murder this year in Colorado Springs. Andrew Brown also died from a gunshot wound, and his death has been ruled a suicide.