Funeral Monday for Toddler Hit and Killed by SUV

A Southern Colorado family said goodbye to their 18-month-old son Monday. Late last month, Montez Martin was hit by an SUV in a car wash parking lot on Hancock and Academy.

The boy's funeral was held Monday at the Israelite Church of God and Christ at 123 Security Boulevard in Colorado Springs.

The family says this was a horrible accident, they say it has nothing to do with negligence. Cops say the toddler wandered away from his father, who was cleaning their car when the boy was struck.

The family says regardless of why or how this happened the family is mourning for their little angel.

Family and friends filed into the hall at the Angelus Funeral Home in Colorado Springs, Sunday evening.

"Montez was very smart, very bright, he was a sweet child," said Josiah Martin, Montez’s cousin.

Just before sunset on August 31st, the Martin family was cleaning their car. Little Montez was playing nearby, his family said they were keeping a close eye on him. But the driver of Hummer SUV didn't see Montez and ran him over.

Montez spent his last few days fighting for his life in the hospital, but his head injuries were too severe. "He was hooked up to a number of machines to keep him breathing," said Josiah. Montez lost the fight for his life a week ago on September 11.

"When you lose a child, your heart is gone," Josiah said.

A candlelight vigil was held Sunday evening at the car wash on Hancock and South Academy.

Police said the driver of the SUV that hit Montez will not be charged.