Growing Number of Students Enrolling in Online Schools

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Technology is changing the way our children learn. As kids head back to school, a record number of students are logging on to a computer, instead of stepping foot inside a classroom this school year.

A growing number of students are enrolling in virtual schools. In Colorado alone, more than 13,000 students attended an online school last year, which is up 12.5 percent from the previous year.

Experts say online schools give students more flexibility. They can work from home at their own pace. But, they still have to meet the same standards and take the same state standardized tests as students at traditional public schools.

Thirteen-year-old Josh Salles is enrolled in Colorado Connections Academy, one of the state's virtual public schools. He used to go to public schools, but struggled academically. So far, he says he's doing well in the non-traditional school setting.

"You have more freedom and you don't really have a schedule. In public schools you'd have to be in a class for like an hour. Here you can work at your own pace," said Josh Salles.

Josh's mom works closely with him at home as a facilitator. He also gets instruction from his teachers via the Internet.

Online schooling isn't for everyone. Josh's older brother tried it last year and has since gone back to a Colorado Springs public school.