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About Us

About Kids is a sister company to Rehab For All, which has a long-standing reputation of providing outpatient therapy only services both in clinic and in-home.

These two companies set themselves apart from their competitors because between them, you may receive therapy in the community, school, clinic, or home and we are more likely to be able to qualify you with your insurance and get you the services you need, where and when you need them, without limitation. Not being restricted to a clinic or your home also allows our staff to choose or flex their schedule in any location that is best for your family and to provide optimal treatment sessions. We have hundreds of licensed therapists and nurses available with a broad array of certifications, specialized training and skills.

About Kids FAQ

How can I become a C.N.A. for my child?
Becoming a Certified Nurses Aide is a rewarding career both now and in the future. We own Colorado C.N.A. Academy where you can enroll for day, night or online classes and become a C.N.A. in about month. After that, you can get paid to take care of your loved one (child or family member) or pursue the career of your choice. If you work for About Kids Home Health Care, we may cover the entire cost of your C.N.A. classes.

How long is the waitlist to begin therapy services?
We know waiting around is no fun, and by the time you’ve gotten a referral (we can help with this too if you’d like), you are ready to get started as soon as possible. We typically try to begin services right away after we have received the referral and have matched you with the best therapist based on your needs.

How can you help me obtain a referral for services?
Call our office at 719-425-7771 or 719-387-7775 and we will take down some basic information, fax your doctor, and let you know when we’ve gotten your signed script for services. Your physician’s office may need to see you in person if it’s been a while, or they may sign the faxed script that we send over. You’re busy, we can make things just a bit easier from start to finish.

What insurances do you take?
We take many insurances. Call us and we’ll see if we are a good fit for you, and if not, we’ll recommend you to someone else better suited to meet your/your families needs.

Do you work with adults too?
Yes! We started out working solely with kids. But after hiring 100s of skilled therapist with special certifications in both adult and pediatric rehab and nursing, we are offering our highly trained staff to people of all ages.

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