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About Us

Comfort Technologies has been in business since 2001, happily serving many satisfied customers throughout the Front Range. We pride ourselves on high integrity, low-pressure options to your indoor comfort and plumbing challenges. We are a veteran-owned and family-run company who would love the opportunity to serve you.

By utilizing affordable pricing, speedy service, and industry-leading expertise; we are able to provide the highest quality in professional HVAC and plumbing services throughout the entire Pikes Peak region.

Comfort Technologies FAQ

How often should filters be changed?
It depends on how often you run your system, how clean the home is and what type of filtration system is installed. Generally speaking, standard filters should be changed every month.

Should I have annual maintenance on my furnace and air conditioner?
Absolutely, we all pay for regular maintenance on our vehicles. Heating and cooling systems are mechanical systems just like vehicles; they require proper maintenance to ensure normal operation and even to maintain warranties. Also, performing regular maintenance can even save your monthly energy bills; a well-maintained system is an efficient one.

There are many heating and cooling companies out there, how do I pick the right one?
The "right one" looks different for different customers. Look for a company which is professional, courteous and you feel can most adequately meet your needs. Also, look to customer reviews and testimonies. Most importantly, ensure they respect you and your home. A company that does this will educate and provide options, rather than give you a sales pitch.